About me

Hello, I'm Mori Sugimoto (a.k.a dokumori), a Drupal architect / consultant based in London, UK. I've been using Drupal for the last 9 years and worked for various Drupal companies and involved in numerous Drupal projects, large and small. 

My contribution to Drupal includes:

  • keeping Drupal secure as a member of the Drupal Security Team
  • writing and sharing modules and patches
  • improving the documentation on d.o
  • translating the core / contrib into Japanese
  • administering the Drupal Japan group on g.d.o
  • Sharing knowledge through presentations and BoFs at Drupalcons


My profiles:


About Share & Thrive Ltd

Share & Thrive is a Drupal company I established in early 2013. Below are the services we offer:

  • Consultancy, including:
    • Architecture
    • Continuous Delivery
    • Development and maintenance best practices
    • Agile project management 
    • Git workflow and branching strategy
  • Drupal site audit
  • Development